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  • .NET Caching Library  v.2.09Speed up your .NET applications using the .NET Caching Library. Features include the ability to cache on clients using SqLite, VistaDb, MS Access or files. Distributed caching with SQL Server or Oracle. Also supports Silverlight and Windows Phone.
  • Free Shared Memory Caching ScriptVery fast object and page caching script using sysv shared memory functions. Very easy to use, just include in a php script, and call do_cache(), The caching is very fast, and is about the same as reading static content. On some benchmarks, the ...
  • Distcache, Distributed session caching  v.1.5.1Distributed session caching tools and APIs, primarily for SSL/TLS servers though perhaps useful for other (non-SSL/TLS) circumstances. Also includes a self-contained network abstraction library (libnal), and the sslswamp SSL/TLS benchmark/test ...
  • Distributed caching  v.1.0This is a general-purpose distributed memory caching system .
  • MyCache database caching for PHP  v.1.0myCache is a PHP extension that provides access to the myCacheServer to implement SQL result caching that is not database dependant. myCacheServer talks to the database and implements the caching and myCache implements the php interface ...
  • Customizable Caching Framework  v.1.0The Customizable Caching Framework provides a basic but robust implementation of a cache with expiry and memory management features. It also provides entry points to populate the cache, making it reusable in several applications.
  • Distributed Reduced Object Caching  v.1.0This project provides a framework for caching Java RMI objects. The use of caching is used to improve the performance of RMI based applications.
  • Microsoft AppFabric Caching BPA  v.1.1Microsoft AppFabric 1.
  • Wheezy.caching  v.0.1wheezy.
  • RTSP Caching Proxy  v.3.0 Alpha2RtspProxy is a proxy server for multimedia streaming services based on the RTSP protocol.
  • Django-query-caching  v.0.1.1Caches the results of SQL queries transparently.
  • StateMirror Explorer  v.2.0.7358StateMirror Explorer 2.0.7358 offers you a professional and efficient cache solution for ASP.NET Web farms and .NET applications. Scalable session state management, Web application cache synchronization, Caching Application Block support. Eliminate ...
  • FancyCache for Disk  v.0.7.2 BetaFancyCache is a supplementary software caching scheme that cooperates with system memory to provide data caching for volumes/disks.
  • Cache Files the Right Way  v.1.0Caching indisputably saves bandwidth and server resources because it reduces network traffic.
  • UserGate  v.4.1UserGate is a multifunction and secure software that lets network administrators set up and manage network users' Internet access. UserGate combines firewall, antivirus, antispyware and surf protection in a fully integrated and easy-to-use solution.
  • UserGate proxy server  v.4.2UserGate proxy server is a complex and multifunctional software solution that can be used to connect your network to the Internet. UserGate provides complete gateway traffic control that now includes Panda and Kaspersky antivirus protection.
  • Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS  v.6.2SourceAnywhere for VSS is the fastest VSS plugin for internet and cross-platform access, utilizing client/server architecture with caching, it's recommended by Microsoft for fast, reliable and secure access to SourceSafe over TCP/IP.
  • UserGate security server  v.4.3UserGate simplifies network administration by providing centralized management of users, groups, and computers across your LAN, now with DHCP support. UserGate server provides complete traffic control by using Dual Core Antivirus Engines.
  • 1Topix  v.1.0.01TOPIX is a handy web forum reader that pieces together your most interesting themes and topics in one spot.Being disconnected from the Internet you still stay approachable for your favorite forum community.Save your web traffic with picture caching ...
  • Standard Software Icons  v.2012.1Standard Software Icons is large set of eye-caching software-related icons meticulously created by professional artists that come in a variety of sizes, formats and states. The set is an ideal choice for navigation panels and toolbars of all sorts.
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